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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> john: we head to overtime. 3-3 the count. antti niemi in relief of the starting goaltender kari lehtonen. niemi was utilized all season. when they needed to stop the bleeding the former san jose shark did absolutely that. that's his best save in the second period off troy brouwer. st. louis on a power play at the time and niemi has held the fort. only looked at two shots in the third period. now we get to overtime. st. louis seeing mattias janmark and jamie benn tie the game in the third period. pierre, brian elliott, another gutsy performance in goal. >> pierre: no question, especially after he got bombed in the head with that heavy shot from jason spezza. that man's had a tremendous game, alex steen. milbury, jones, and mchugh were
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look out for him. i agree. >> john: we get to overtime for the first time in this series. dallas winning friday night 2-1. game three is tuesday night in st. louis. jay bouwmeester out to center ice. at the line, a giveback by stastny. brouwer over the line. it's onside. steen had it, lost it. paul stastny off a stick. off jason demers and fed along by alex pietrangelo. dem toers the corner. steen on him. back to the point. bouwmeester. his shot off a body wide, off kris russell. russell gets to it. sealing the wall for st. louis, alex pietrangelo. again back out to center ice. jamie benn. in over the line. his goal tied the game late in the third period. broken um by alexander steen, back out to neutral ice. >> pierre: that's a long shift. the defense can't get ut off.
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yoip through neutral ice. along the boards. ales hemsky sends it across. goligoski. shot blocked by his own man, antoine roussel. a breakout. vladimir tarasenko moving up on klingbe klingberg. a power move, blocker down by niemi and a penalty is called. >> pierre: the fellas in the studio were talking about tarasenko and how he's had little influence in this game. he just came right down the right-wing side of things. jaden schwartz wins a one-on-one battle. working on john klingberg. gives him his back, drives to the net, gets a shot on goal. klingberg holding on. klingberg gets the penalty. watch the strength of tarasenko. he still manages to get a shot. if you're the st. louis blues, the saying is you just have to do it right once. if you're the dallas stars, buckle up and pound it out. >> john: they have done it right once on the power play
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goal late in the first period. tarasenko will stay out there. antti niemi second period on. in relief of kari lehtonen. jaden schwartz. vernon fiddler. face-off won by the blues but you saw it go by kevin shattenkirk. retrack back to their own zone. he and steen on the point. jaden schwartz, vladimir tarasenko and david backes up front. through the center zone. shattenkirk off johnny oduya. goligoski gets to it for dallas along the boards. by backes. they kill time early. alexander steen in back of his goaltender. about two minutes gone in overtime. steen out to center. on the flank. moved along by shattenkirk. goligoski gets to it first. they jam for it. oduya perped ee ed
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cleaned up by antoine roussel. more time killed. steen will start again. just about a minute left on the power play. robby fabbri over the line. brouwer at his side. benn got to it. out of the zone. ran away by kris russell. brian elliott now across. set it up parayko for alex pietrangelo. through center. they gain entry. he'll cut. tarasenko right on niemi and he recovers! he got a cross! loose in the crease! it kicks out. shot by stastny, blocked in front, going down with sceviour! now tarasenko. pietrangelo. colton parayko looks it over. calling for it, alex pietrangelo going wide. the outside they set it up. stastny. pietrangelo with a shot. stopped by niemi. >> pierre: watch
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over jaden schwartz's stick. alex pietrangelo, excellent entry. time and space. bounces right over his stick. niemi was down and out, keeps it alive. then the dallas stars just sacrifice and get in the lane. phenomenal. there's the rolling puck. everybody starts to help one another out that's wearing a green sweater. talk about pushback and pounding things out, the stars are doing it. >> john: 15 seconds on the power play. johnny oduya. losing his balance. getting back up. off a stick, off shattenkirk, and all the way back down. cling ber is up and ready. pietrangelo through center. klingberg on the ice. berglund stopped. his shot goes high. and it goes in the screen. we'll get a stoppage. >> pierre: it was close
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st. louis. watch the puck rolling over jaden schwartz's stick. another opportunity. and all the guys in green get in the lane. and you think that john klingberg's not happy? how do you spell relief, john? >> john: exactly. 16:41 left in overtime. demers, through center by gunnarsson. all the way back down. this will be icing. we'll take it back in the dallas zone. >> pierre: he won't be intimidated, antti niemi. he's won a stanley cup. he's been as high as you can go. joim when he's in the battle position, he's very good. has to battle for it, battling for the net all season. >> pierre: not to generalize
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>> john: play continues. off a stick off parayko. patrick sharp in control. all the way across, intended for kris russell. it comes back. colton parayko along the boards, peppered by cody eakin. up top in the skates of jason demers. and forged out of the zone by jaden schwartz. klingberg takes it back. through center ice, jamie benn. gunnarsson. lehtera. troy brouwer. hits the line. parayko to the outside. shot taken. niemi says no on paul stastny. check that. alexander steen with the shot from outside. >> pierre: it wasn't a tough save but still any shot on goal is a good shot in overtime. you cy-pres coe distribute and that might have been going wide. niemi wise to make sure to stabilize the game, don't allow second and third chance opportunities.
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>> john: stastny will take the face-off flanked by steen and brouwer. goligoski on defense with john klingberg. long pass intended for janmark goes by. mattias janmark with good speed. rubbed out by shattenkirk. spezza, goligoski, turned out by elliott. back of the goal again, denied by brian elliott. a wraparound by mattias janmark. dallas' second goal. out to center ice. that made it 3-2 in the third period. st. louis had a 3-1 lead after one. steen over the line. brouwer goes deep. goligoski goets to it. paul stastny on him. paul stastny out of the corner drops it off. steen up top. good stick check. now colton sceviour will go cross corner. faksa goes to work on pietrangelo. stephen johns moving up for dallas. steen not out. johns. fended off by bouwmeester. back
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jay bouwmeester. has a problem. hemsky, great stick check by stastny. allows elliott a chance to melt it down. >> pierre: chances at both ends. that's going to be ruled a hand pass. that's why the whistle blue. mattias janmark who scored a huge goal in the third period on a wraparound opportunity and a great job by brian elliott getting that left pad down and secured on the post. stast sta looking on. brian elliott, what a challenge. brian elliott, what a challenge. >> john: hit high in the mas income the third period. getting through that. staying in and showing off his character which he's done throughout these playoffs and down the stretch of the regular season. because of that hand pass, the face-off will come outside the line. won back by
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alex goligoski sends it in. gunnarsson, pinned by sharp. patrick sharp out of the corner. off the side of the net. jaden schwartz along the boards. held in by cody eakin. schwartz in control for st. louis. to the outside. forced wide by goligoski. he goes down. lehtera. away for tarasenko. pass interrupted by patrick sharp and triggers all the way back. carl gunnarsson in back of brian elliott. just about six minutes gone in overtime. colton parayko. dallas awaiting in the center zone. icing is called here. >> pierre: long change to start overtime. and because of the way this game's been played you're going to start to see some more and more mental mistakes. that was one by st. louis. that shoufk ju
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teen pa -- routine pass. instead an icing. spezza has been tremendous at key times in this game in face-off situations. >> john: russell, demers. shot canceled by steen. steen gets to it. sceviour. parayko for the blues off the boards, all the way back down. it'll make it again. consecutive icings. >> pierre: only good moves for st. louis. steen's stick in the corner broken. he could come to the bench and get one. now the linesman will pick up the broken steen stick. that's the only piece of good news off of that. dallas is going to load and come with the heavy artillery, cody eakin, jamie benn, and patrick sharp. >> john: eakin with three assists in the game. benn the tying goal, forcing overtime. sharp on the other side. steen has possession. brouwer back out. this is stastny. paul stastny off the blocker of antti niemi. stastny out of the
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kris russell for the stars moves it. now sharp. swept along by bowman. steered across. overskated. stastny would have been offside. now they come. benn, eakin with a shot tipped on. elliott got it. now pietrangelo. saucer pass for jay bouwmeester and back out. through center ice. bouwmeester over the line goes wide. he'll delay. out in front. all the way back, backes for fabbri. tied up. here come the stars out to center. patrick sharp over the line, holds on, fought off by elliott, loose out in front! and the blues are on it! back out. fabbri. steen's away from eakin. in front. finished off beautifully by jones jones. johnny oduya. antoine roussel. ales hemsky. hemsky with a shot. it goes high. along the boards, kicked along by faksa. ales hemsky in the corner. edmondson on him. pietrangelo for the blues.
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center. backes. joel edmondson, drop pass. jori lehtera, in on niemi. no further play. >> pierre: chances at both ends. you see they want the puck. robby fabbri loses it. that leads to a dallas chance. patrick sharp, he loves to shoot from here. the sharpshooter. that gets devoured by brian elliott. going the other way. robby fabbri, burst of speed past cody eakin. a two-on-one with patrik berglund just a little wayward with the pass. >> john: 33 shots for dallas, 23 taken by st. louis. jori lehtera will take the face-off opposed by dallas' jason spezza, who gets as low as hik he can on this draw. look for every possible inch. lehtera's given the boot. jaden schwartz moves in. won by spezza. klingberg out of the corner. goligoski pressed by lehtera. janmark back out.
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turns it across, off the stick of schwartz. klingberg. janmark is there. defended by shattenkirk. they go hard to the corner. dug out by tarasenko. out to the center zone. klingberg looks around. played across. janmark. shattenkirk. tarasenko losing control. sceviour cross ice. janmark will clear it in for dallas. golfed ahead but not out. klingberg got to it for the stars. open corner. jamie benn. he'll go to work. defended by joel edmondson. moved along by shattenkirk. benn, a shot! what a stop by elliott! >> pierre: what a pass by sharp. creative play by sharp. awesome response by elliott. >> john: now russell. st. louis the changing. tries to expedite. he moves it. here's benn closing in. the trailer, demers, his shot, ricochets high! sharp for benn broken up, and alex steen back the other way. nice
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on him. ales hemsky for the stars. darts in. plays it back to eakin. his shot pinballs wide! walked out in front. paul stastny out to center. steen gets control. to the outside of russell. he throws on the brakes. ales hemsky digs it out. backes cut it off for the blues. niemi will leave threat for jason demers. kris russell along the boards and out. broken up by pietrangelo. demers right back in the st. louis zone. this is icing. >> pierre: jason demers walks right down broadway. jamie benn gives him a look and troy brouwer gets in the lane, blocks that one up and over the cage. then you see the great pass from patrick sharp to jamie benn. and the nice right pad response by brian elliott. there's that look from sharp to benn and the right pad by elliott.
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will take the face-off opposed by hradek faksa. battle ensues. fabbri losing control. ales hemsky now will scoop it all the way back-in the st. louis zone. pietrangelo. turns away from faksa. backes along the boards and out. johnny oduya in front of his own bench will scoop it ahead. >> pierre: alex pietrangelo has played almost 35 minutes in this game. >> john: outstanding. he's got it. pietrangelo. broken up by spezza. jason spezza. they cross offside. mattias janmark in the zone early. >> pierre: alex pietrangelo, jay bouwmeester, and the crew of st. louis blues forwards, they are tired. look at that. the numbers don't lie. >> john: one of the few breaks he and jay bouwmeester get. >> pierre: see
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does as soon as those guys come off? great coaching. >> john: parayko fore-checked by sharp. in back of brian elliott. patrick sharp in control. he'll lay it along. in back of the goal. can he power it out in front? sharp trades places. blocked by gunnarsson. left for jaden schwartz. through center ice. tarasenko. defended by goligoski. tarasenko dumps it in. john klingberg keeping his own zone. goligoski in back of antti niemi. halfway through overtime. back out to center ice. all the way back here. icing will be called against dallas. we'll take it back. >> pierre: they get a break off the icing. >> john: 9:56 left in overtime.
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>> pierre: goligoski and lindy ruff getting a break as well. >> john: st. louis had a 3-1 lead after 20 minutes. no scoring in the second period. mattias janmark had a breakaway goal in the third period. late in the third period, jamie benn the tying goal. forcing this situation. trying to tie the series. face-off will occur in the dallas zone. >> pierre: this game is fantastic for these fans. everybody is standing in the lower bowl now.
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american airlines center. off the draw, pietrangelo. steen. brouwer. shot wide of niemi. steen again. brouwer! clo blocked in front! jamie benn has control. dumped in ahead. jay bouwmeester come back through center. turning is brouwer. off a stick. stastny. defended. steen to the outside. stastny in back of the goal. flushed out by goligoski. pietrangelo. held in offside. delayed offside. here come the stars. ales hemsky. a shot and blown dead. penalty called. >> pierre: a hat trick in penalties. >> john: his third. >> pierre: this was going to create an odd-man rush. watch him come in right there. a pick play.
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>> john: second penalty taken against lindy ruff and the stars in overtime. a long wait for antoine roussel. >> pierre: john klingberg had that same wait earlier in overtime. curt fraser, lindy ruff, the coaching staff. >> john: jaden schwartz, vladimir tarasenko, alexander steen, kevin shattenkirk on the ice for st. louis. face-off controlled by the blues. shattenkirk deep out of the corner. tarasenko now. shattenkirk around the horn. long in the high slot. schwartz back for shattenkirk. goligoski stunned by it. he's down. shattenkirk. they score! on the rebound! david backes, the captain, gets it! st. louis wins in overtime!
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on his 32nd birthday, david backes gets it done. they work it around the clock. a giveback by schwartz. backes the goal-scorer out in front. the screen, the menace for niemi. and the blues get the opportunity on the rebound and there is backes on the spot with 9:02 left in the first overtime. that was the injury to goligoski. slow to get up. forced an open area as they work it arnold. what a finish by david backes. and this series now leveled off at a game apiece. down at the ice, pierre stand big with the goal-scorer. >> pierre: thanks a lot, john. second piece of overtime magic for you this playoff season. how deep did you guys have to dig in this ga
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going into the third and sat back on our heels. they're too good of a team to be doing, that like chicago. we have to stay on our toes. guys battled their butts off. draw the penalty on the interference and don't take long on the power play and it's a great feeling now. >> pierre: one of the key moments in this game was when jason spezza loaded it up, hit el knell the head. do you think he struggled after that? >> i think it was some paint chips from his mask were in his eye from what i could see. he's ban battler for us all series, all playoffs, all season. i don't expect anything different. we got a good day and a half now to recover. he'll be ready to go. he did a heck of a job again tonight. >> pierre: best way to describe this series before. >> tight, one-goal games like the last one. continuation. guys having to dig deep to get pucks out of the zone, pucks into their zone, get a fore-check established. another gut check every
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i love the way our guys responded. >> pierre: going back home, you got the split here. what do you need to establish early on in game three? >> we have to find our game for a full 60 minutes. did a deenltd job today but in the third with the lead we sat back on our heels. should have learned that lesson in the fist round. had to get taught in the second round. hopefully the lessons sink in and we can play a solid 60 minutes with 20 guy guys on the page. >> pierre: don't share any state secrets but can you share what was said before the first overtime period? >> they expend a ton of energy with a lot of their big guns playing a lot of minutes. if we could make them play in their zone we'd have a few chances. took on the rush to draw a penalty for our guys because it's a three-on-one otherwise. we stuck with it, found a way, found a crack and able to expose it. >> pierre: thanks. see you for game three tuesday. >> thanks. >> pierre: johnny? >> john: time for the "three
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you by chase freedom unlimited. david backes the overtime winner in assists. troy brouwer a goal and assist. jamie benn the tying goal forcing overtime. that'll do it here. st. louis has evened the series at a game apiece. thanks for watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. the stanley cup playoffs continue on nbcsn. predators and sharks game two, coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss a moment. tonight starting at 8:00, 7:00 central the all-new episode of "little big shots." for pierre mcguire and our entire crew, this is john forslund. thanks for watching. so long from dallas, texas.
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breaking right now at 6:00. new information on the derailment in the northeast. we got an update about 30 minutes ago. we have live team coverage for you tonight on the impact on travel, the reaction from people affected, and the i-team investigation into the concerns over dangerous cargo moving through the district. our team coverage begins with the mess that remains after this derailment. good evening, everyone. i'm erika gonzalez.


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